Distribution (junction) plastic boxes
Continuous progress in construction involves improvement in electrical installation . A couple of decades ago, almost all cable connections were located in places that, to put it mildly, were not at all intended for this: above the switches or below near the sockets, under the wooden floor, and so on. Of course, this contradicted not only the simplest safety standards but also the elementary aesthetic needs of the end user. Needless to say, such an installation was not entirely reliable and often threatened with a banal fire. At the moment, all connections of the cable are directly in themselves junction boxes , which significantly increases the security cable connections . In addition, nowadays all connections are either soldered or assembled on terminal blocks, and if there are any problems with the connection, you just need to remove the cover from the junction box. Maybe this is not one of the main achievements of the notorious progress, but we now have direct access to all connections. It is quite natural that application plastic junction boxes does not increase the cost of installing electrical wiring , but safety is significantly increased .

Distribution (junction) plastic boxes - 2614

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