medical furniture
medical furniture
medical furniture
medical furniture
medical furniture
Medical furniture manufactured by Techservice LLC has all the necessary certificates Medical furniture is one of the main areas of production activity of our factory. Medical furniture from the manufacturer Techservice LLC is inexpensive, of high quality and has all the necessary certificates. Production is located in St. Petersburg (St. Petersburg), there is a branch in Moscow and representative offices in Nizhny Novgorod and Rostov-on-Don. Production of medical furniture in our company in the following directions: - medical couches (examination, for massage) - folding and stationary massage tables - stands for droppers, stands for infusion - chairs, stools and laboratory chairs on a screw support and on a gas lift - functional medical beds, bedside tables and side tables - medical screens, tool tables - tables and chairs, sofas and benches for visitors Medical furniture can be made in different colors, in accordance with the wishes of the customer. We can also produce custom furniture, according to the customer's sketches. Medical furniture (beds, tables, couches, etc.) is purchased for installation in hospitals, clinics and other medical institutions. In view of the peculiarities of the operation of medical furniture (the product is constantly used by people with partial or complete dysfunction), there are certain nuances in its production: the furniture is made of high-strength hypoallergenic materials that guarantee the safety of the patient and a long service life of the furniture. When designing medical furniture, our main task is to guarantee comfort for the patient: functional beds, bedside tables, headrests for beds and other medical furniture provide the patient with maximum comfort with a minimum of effort due to their reliable movable structures. When ordering medical furniture in our company, you, first of all, have the opportunity to purchase everything you need in one place, as well as get exclusive conditions for cooperation. For trading organizations, online stores, for owners of retail space, we are ready to provide significant discounts on the medical furniture we produce. We also provide additional discounts for exhibition samples, all necessary photographs, technical descriptions, samples of materials and provide consulting support.

medical furniture - 1945

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