Paint by number Prischepa. Colors of the evening
Paint by number Prischepa. Colors of the evening
Number of colors: 24 Difficulty level: difficult Acrylic varnish in the set will help protect the finished painting from exposure to ultraviolet rays and moisture. It must be diluted 1: 1 with water before use. The varnish should be applied to the paint as a topcoat. Contents of the set: natural cotton canvas on a wooden stretcher (canvas is pre-primed), nylon brushes of different sizes 3 pcs., Acrylic paints (fade resistant), wall mount, acrylic varnish (2 jars). Dimensions Width 50 cm. Height 40 cm. Depth 2 cm. In the package 0 pcs. Qty in the box 0 pcs. Shipping Free shipping in Moscow to a transport company from 15,000 rubles.

Paint by number Prischepa. Colors of the evening - 2998

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