The exercise bike, based on work with air resistance, allows you to train all parts of the body in a complex way. A fan of about 67 cm gives an excellent load for efficient operation - the higher the speed, the higher the level of air resistance. Load distribution is proportional - the higher the speed, the greater the resistance level. The seat of the simulator, wide and maximally comfortable, has height and distance adjustment for adjusting the angle of the pedals. Features: Proportional training principle: the higher the speed, the higher the load. Workouts are carried out with minimal stress on the ligaments and joints. Equipped with 8 programs. Built-in wheels for easy and convenient movement. Ergonomic handles, adjustable for leg training during manual training. During training, you can set the desired parameters on the monitor and monitor them: time, distance, calories burned, different exercise intervals. The user can exercise with only hands, or with legs only, or with both hands and feet together.

AEROBIKE UG-AB003 - 60336

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