The Altezani ALS 1500 treadmill is equipped with a powerful 4 horsepower engine that provides the following benefits: Wide speed range - from 0.8 to 18 km / h; Uniform running of the running belt; High maximum weight - up to 150 kg.   The Altezani ALS 1500 home treadmill contains a large LED display showing heart rate, distance traveled, running / walking speed, training duration. You can connect a flash drive or an MP3 player to the simulator, it plays music through a Hi-Fi speaker and has the following features: Softdrop hydraulic system that allows the treadmill to be folded and unfolded in 2-5 minutes; Automatic lubrication system that slows down wear of the running belt and prevents it from rubbing; Reinforced metal frame, resistant to shocks, falls, shocks, intense daily stress; Air Cushion cushioning system - reduces stress on the athlete's spine and joints.   The Altezani ALS 1500 is a foldable treadmill that does not require a separate seat. It can be stored in the closet, on the balcony, under the bed (folded). It is suitable for walking and jogging, used in private homes and gyms, and has a 12-month warranty. We offer to buy the Altezani ALS 1500 treadmill at the best price and guarantee the following benefits: Sending to any region of the country; Fair value - the price of the model is 5-10% lower than the market average; Delivery of the simulator in perfect condition within a few days; Help with disassembly and installation (consultation).


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