Lemonade "Limon Story"
Limon Story Stylish modern design. Stands out on the shelf. A product with a high status, affordable price and respect for the consumer. The bright flavors of the drinks from the Limon Story collection have won the love of consumers. The names and recipes of these drinks are exclusive. The rights to them are protected by the legislation of the Russian Federation. It is impossible to repeat them. Our drinks have NO ALTERNATIVE - THEY ARE THE ONLY ONE ON THE MARKET. Each drink has a long story behind it (note the bottle's back label).

Lemonade "Limon Story" - 70663

0.43 USD/Stück 0.43 USD

Minimaler Auftrag: 21800 шт

Die Möglichkeit der Lieferung: 1000 шт/am Tag

nicht überprüfter Lieferant
Москва, Russland

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