Pocket calendar
Pocket calendar
Pocket calendar Format 70x100 mm Colorful 4 + 4 (full color) Cardboard 300 g / sq. m Glossy lamination A bright gift will cheer you up! Small and compact, stylish and sleek pocket calendar will cheer you up! You can give them away at trade shows, promotions, presentations and other events. In addition, a pocket calendar can be a good addition to a New Year's gift. People can throw out leaflets and booklets, but not the calendar. Therefore, you have every chance to leave your advertising in the pockets of your clients for a whole year! We can print any edition of pocket calendars for you - from 1000 pieces to several hundred thousand copies. The only limitation is that the circulation of one type of pocket calendars must be divisible by one thousand. Prices are given without considering the development of layouts.

Pocket calendar - 2512

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