Wall calendar A3 +
Wall calendar A3 + Format 320x480 mm 13 sheets Print 4 + 0 Cover lamination < p> Spring, crossbar Stylish design If the advantage of the classic quarter calendar is its high functionality, then the main advantages of a wall-mounted calendar include the widest possibilities of expressing the company's ambitions in the field style and design. Indeed, in calendars of this type you have the opportunity to best demonstrate your individuality. The design is at the heart of the wall flip calendar. Companies ordering calendars of this class try to make their calendar unique. We have a lot of experience in making individual corporate calendars. Our artists will help you create a really high-quality and original advertising product that best suits your stylistic preferences. As for printing production, we will provide not only the highest level of printing, but also an impeccable build quality of calendars. We have a high-performance complex for winding calendars on a spring and automatic installation of crossbars (hooks for which the calendar is hung), which allows us to collect large editions of calendars in a short time and almost completely eliminates the possibility of marriage. Calculation of the cost of manufacturing calendars In order to find out the cost of manufacturing wall flip calendars of the specification you are interested in, please fill out and send us a short form - and within half an hour you will receive a calculation of the cost of your order! If it is more convenient for you to discuss the details of the order by phone, we are always happy to answer all your questions

Wall calendar A3 + - 2509

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