MANNEQUINS FOR SEWING, STUDIO, STORES AND NEEDLEMINS Mannequins are essential for sewing high-quality and modern clothes. Retail stores use mannequins to showcase finished outfits in the best possible light. If they are not in the store or they are ugly, most potential buyers will pass by. The products of our company are not just blanks with human forms. Whether you sew clothes yourself or own an entire atelier, soft mannequins will be your helpers in tailoring business suits and elegant dresses. It is much more convenient on them than on the table to collect cut details, fasten elements with pins, select fittings and accessories. Hundreds of Russian and foreign fashion designers buy mannequins in our company, because they are confident in their quality. OUR MANNEQUINS: designed on the basis of 3D scanning and precisely follow the contours of the female body represent the figures of the most popular sizes are reliable, durable , comfortable, stable produced on a robotic conveyor, excluding deviations from the specified parameters We offer you not hollow plastic mannequins, but molded from durable, lightweight and flexible polyurethane foam. Although the price for such a mannequin is slightly higher, it is justified by the excellent quality and practicality of the product. Experienced sellers know the secret: a correctly presented product will never lie on the shelves. An effective marketing technique attracts dozens of buyers to even the most ordinary-looking thing. The products of the TEKSiti company serve for the professional demonstration of the clothes sold. Mannequins for children and adults, successfully displayed in shop windows and sales areas, will attract the attention of buyers, even if the store is among dozens of similar shopping establishments. If you are the owner of a boutique or clothing salon and your goal is the rapid development of your business, you just need male and female mannequins of our production.

mannequins - 2068

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