We will buy food corn in bulk

Category: Food

We will buy corn in bulk - for production and processing. According to GOST (with the presence of documentation - analysis cards, declarations and certificates, and live photos of products).

Volume: from 3000 tons (we are considering a larger volume). Regular purchases possible

We buy only directly from producers, farmers, farms, peasant farms, peasant farms, cooperatives, from elevators

We consider manufacturers: from the Krasnodar Territory, the Rostov Region, the Stavropol Territory, the Republic of Adygea (in general, it is desirable from the Southern Federal District, the North Caucasus Federal District)

Prepayment 100%. Under contract. Payment by bank transfer. With VAT (in some cases we are ready to consider it without VAT).

The possibility of delivery within the Russian Federation is required (in some cases we consider self-pickup from the warehouse, or at least the ability to ship products to a car / railway carrier), delivery methods - auto or railway

Consider products - in bulk and in bags / big bags

We consider suppliers, both with the availability of products, and those who have just planned harvesting (for the 2021 season)

Send all suggestions and requests by mail or by phone (to the specified contacts)

Price: no more than 14,000 rubles / per ton with VAT

(translated from russian)

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