Baby cot pendulum Giovanni 120x60cm
Baby cot pendulum Giovanni 120x60cm
Baby cot pendulum Giovanni 120x60cm
The Papaloni Giovanni pendulum cot with a longitudinal pendulum mechanism is made of natural beech wood. Strong and durable wood is covered with safe paint, developed specifically for the production of children's furniture. Papaloni cribs are designed with two main requirements in mind: the safety of the child and the convenience of the mother. The high sides of the bed exclude the possibility of an accidental fall of the baby, but they are easily lowered, giving the mother access to the space of the cradle. For an older baby, the crib can be turned into a sofa. To do this, it is enough to remove the sidewall and move the mattress pad to the lower fixed position. The crib will serve your baby until he grows out of it, and then can be used by his younger brother or sister. Main characteristics: < ul> equipped with a descending sidewall, PVC pads are provided on both sidewalls two levels of the mattress topper position longitudinal pendulum swing mechanism when the lowering sidewall is removed can be used as a stationary sofa for your baby's age up to 4 years li>

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