Tracked tractor
Tracked tractor. Demilitarized tracked chassis with a YaMZ-238N-1 turbodiesel. Simplicity and reliability of the design. Armored corps. Designed to perform various tasks in difficult terrain. Low specific ground pressure and high permeability. The resource reserve of the product is 100%. A batch of cars is ready for shipment. The initial package of options provides for additional reinforcement of the bottom and hull, installation of safety elements, an improved pre-heating system, retrofitting of the cab and interior, and much more. We complete with GLONASS / GPS monitoring systems . We provide a guarantee for all units. There is a discount for a batch of cars.

Tracked tractor - 10194

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USD 3000000.0 - 5500000.0 USD

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Die Möglichkeit der Lieferung: 20 шт/pro Monat

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