Pen plotter Hefei RT-1950B
The RT-1950B pen plotter is a vector type electromechanical device. The pen plotter displays the image thanks to the writing element - the pen, which is mounted in a special holder. The pen roll plotter has a pen that moves along one coordinate axis - one degree of freedom, but the media moves along the other axis using the gripper of the transport shaft. The convenient design of the paper feeding system saves the working area of ​​the room, allows you to work in continuous printing mode. The inexpensive and widely available consumables used in this series of printers avoid the hassle of purchasing and replacing them. Maximum print width 190 cm Writing Instrument Water Based Pen or Ballpoint Pen Maximum print speed 800 mm / s Pen pressure 25 - 500 g Step size 0.0254 mm / step Interface RS-232 Format Supported HPGL, DMPL Motor View Stepper Supply voltage 2A / 220 V or 2A / 110 V Operating temperature 5 - 40 ° C Acceptable paper weight 40 - 80 g Weight 88 kg

Pen plotter Hefei RT-1950B - 2971

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