BX203-7G Glove Knitting Machine
The automatic glove knitting machine works on the principle of one-piece knitting, computer controlled, combines good quality material with perfect technological process, consists of a system unit and electrical equipment. This machine works with various materials, automatically knits one-piece gloves, fingerless gloves, mittens, work gloves, and its technical performance can combine beauty and foreign modern machine design. Advantages: Full computer control, control panel and industrial size design. < / li> Easy to operate, high level of self-control, low energy consumption during operation. Combines changeover frequency with smooth transition and operation. Integrated device for the deposition of waste parts makes the production more flexible and convenient. Device for automatic stop in case of needle breakage or electric Overloading the machine reduces knitting damage. Combines oil pumping device to ensure good lubrication. < tr> Machine type automatic Class 7 < td> Capacity 360 pairs per day Power supply single phase Motor power 250W Weight 250 kg Dimensions 1230mm*650mm*1700mm Lubricationsemi-automatic

BX203-7G Glove Knitting Machine - 3038

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