BRAVO Industrial compact single head embroidery
BRAVO Industrial compact single head embroidery
BRAVO Industrial compact single head embroidery
BRAVO Industrial compact single head embroidery
BRAVO Industrial compact single head embroidery
BRAVO Industrial compact single head embroidery
Description Introducing the BRAVO automatic one-head embroidery machine. This 16-needle compact embroidery machine features the innovative BRAVO OS external operating system. It is also possible to expand the BRAVO OS options to the FLEX system for controlling up to 4 machines over the network. The system also has a self-diagnostic function of the machine, displays instructions for performing service operations. Machine memory is limited only by the free memory of the Windows ™ device on which it is installed. The machine features a unique patented Acti-Feed ™ upper yarn feeding technology. There is a laser positioner, electronic sensors for breaking the upper and lower threads. Innovative Swiss hook with integrated bobbin thread cutter. The maximum embroidery speed is 1,000 sti / min. The smallest rounded sleeve allows you to embroider both on small chest pockets and cuffs, and on children's products. The maximum size of the tubular hoop (X * Y) is 360mm * 300mm (14.2 "* 11.8"), the maximum size of the embroidery field of the tubular hoop (X * Y) is 322mm * 267mm (12.7 "* 10.5" ). The embroidery field of the standard cap hoop is 152mm * 70mm (5.9 ”* 2.75”). Bright LED backlighting provides natural light, eliminating eye strain. Machine dimensions: Width 724mm, Height 907mm, Depth 737mm. Weight: 75 kg. Machine warranty 2 years. Our company provides a full range of services for starting and maintaining the machine. Maximum embroidery speed 1000 sti / min 16 Bobbins Fast color change Automatic upper thread tension (Acti-Feed) Laser positioner Smallest round sleeve Automatic color change Simple operation Automatic stitch return LED backlight Modularity (can be grouped up to 4 machines) Patented Acti-Feed yarn feeding system - Best quality control - Easy machine setting - Less yarn breaks - Always accurate tension - 30% lower breakage when working with lurex thread Large field of embroidery on caps - 152 mm x 70 mm Complete set: Professional automatic compact single-head 16-needle embroidery machine. Includes: a set of 3 hoops (round: 1 * 12cm, 1 * 15cm, rectangular: 1 * 30x36cm), power cord, BRAVO OS (34636), DesignShop Lite (32664-26) embroidery design software. < / p> Characteristics Code 00000096017 Power, W 200 Voltage, V 220 Length without packaging, m 0.74 Width without packaging, m 0.72 Height without packaging, m 0.91 Length with packaging, m 1.2 Width with packaging, m 0.9 Height with packaging, m 1.17 Volume 1.392 Gross Weight: < td> 98 Net weight 78 Part number 34000-02

BRAVO Industrial compact single head embroidery - 2604

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