VELLES VEC 01 Отрезная линейка
Laying table cut-off Supplied complete with bracket for unwinding a roll Description Laying-table cut-off End clamp the ruler is a rail installed across the cutting table with the ability to manually lift along the guides. The ruler provides a clamping of the fabric from the other end of the cut flooring when cutting fabrics into layers with a cutting ruler Supplied complete with an arm for unwinding a roll Knife diameter 108 mm Knife guide lift - 100 mm Power motor 180 W Rotation speed of the knife - 14 000 rpm. The design of the product does not include a table and a motor. Main advantages: Working with the device is extremely simple thanks to the proven system of guides and clamps, requiring care and maintenance. Attaches to almost any existing table The upper and lower knife of the cut-off bar are made of high quality steel. This ensures an impeccable quality of edges and a long service life of the equipment. The installation can be successfully used in any area of ​​production of clothing, furniture and technical textiles. Characteristics Code 00000011509 Voltage, V 220 < /td> Volume0.066 Gross weight: 15.1 Net weight 13.5

VELLES VEC 01 Отрезная линейка - 2804

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