folding chairs
folding chairs
folding chairs
folding chairs
folding chairs
folding chairs
folding chairs
For lovers of outdoor activities At the dacha, on the beach, on a fishing trip or on a picnic, you want to relax with maximum comfort. Folding chairs is one of the activities of the company "Zont". You can buy folding chairs in bulk at very attractive prices. The collection of folding chairs produced by our company is constantly supplemented and updated in accordance with the demands of the modern Russian consumer. Our folding chairs are of high quality, both materials and finished products. Tourism in Russia is very popular. The firm "Umbrella" produces many convenient and useful goods that will make such a vacation as comfortable as possible, therefore, an aluminum folding chair is an indispensable accessory for recreation in nature, fishing, picnics and even hunting, etc. With our furniture, some of your everyday problems will be solved, and you can simply enjoy a good rest in nature.

folding chairs - 1942

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ЗАО МАПКФ «ЗОНТ», г.Москва
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