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The high quality of products with maximum productivity can be achieved in modern livestock production by using balanced fodder. The production of fodders containing a significant amount of protein is a priority task of modern agricultural enterprises since the lack of protein in the diet of animals affects the quality of products and reduces productivity. Dry brewers yeast is a unique product containing up to 50% of high-quality, high-grade, easily digestible protein, which includes 17 essential amino acids, most of which are indispensable. Its composition contains D, F, E, K vitamins, group B vitamins, biotin, minerals – magnesium, sodium, calcium, potassium, copper, zinc, manganese, iron, zinc, chromium, selenium, sulfur, phosphorus, various carbohydrates and fats, as well as RNA – ribonucleic acid, which prevents the destruction of cells and premature aging. Brewers yeast is used in the production of a wide range of animal fodders, food industry and pharmacology. The main characteristics of the composition of dry brewers yeast: - 30-40% of carbohydrates; - 40-47% of high-grade protein; - 1.5-2% of fats; - 10-13% of crude fiber. By biological value and the content of amino acids, they are much superior to plant foods. In the context of the concentration of lysine, when comparing the amino acid composition of the feed, they are inferior only to fishmeal. Table 1. The content of some microelements in dry brewers yeast Sample Microelements, mg per kg calcium manganese potassium sodium phosphorus sulfur iodine chlorine Brewers yeast 2376.0 32.0 34245.0 2165.0 200.0 138.0 1.6 1680.0 Thanks to its medicinal properties, the use of brewers yeast has a positive effect on the metabolism. The most often it is used for feeding poultry and pigs, as it is a source of essential amino acids. Recommended standards for inclusion of dry brewers yeast in the diet: for cattle – 0.2-1.0 kg, for pigs – 0.03-0.6 kg, for poultry 1-20 g, for goats, sheep – 0.05-0.08 kg, per head per day. Our company uses equipment that allows for drying brewers yeast without losing the nutritional properties of the product. The priority of our company is the production of an ecological product that meets the international quality criteria.
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Диетическое питание, Удобрения, Животноводство, Корма и ветеринария, Товары для домашних животных, Красота и здоровье Украина, Ukraine. Zaporozhye

"Slavutich-Tara" PE was founded in 1993, and is engaged in the production of feed supplements since 2014.
Nowadays, the company is one of the most successful Ukrainian manufacturers of feed supplements. The suppliers of raw materials for our products are the largest Ukrainian breweries.
Our enterprise sells up to 6,500 tons of products monthly.

The high quality of our products is confirmed by the tests conducted by accredited laboratories. The final products are notable for their high protein content – the feature achieved through the development and implementation of our own know-how technology for drying the brewers yeast and spent grain.

Our products have proven to be remarkably good and are constantly in steady demand.

Our central office is located in Zaporozhye, Ukraine.
Our team  is comprised of skilled professionals. We solve all the arising questions in a good and workmanlike manner.
We are aware of the importance and responsibility of our work.
It is important for us that each of our customers is confident that the right products of high quality and in the required quantity will be delivered to him in accordance with the feeding regime schedule. We can proudly say that up to this day we have not let down a single client.

Sincerely. Anatoly Anatolii Usov +380677677271
С уважением. Анатолий Усов +380677677271



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