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RU Лот около 72 500 сантехники разных марок Made in Italy INCEA - GRAVENA - CESAME и других марок. Подробные списки доступны по запросу Новый товар, без дефектов, отлично упакован и готов к отправке. Упаковочные листы и все фотографии доступны. Товары на месте), для просмотра без обязательств, по предварительной записи. Ценность для общественности более € 10 000 000,00 Оптовая стоимость € nd Цена на складе: 9.50 / шт. Объем погрузки: около 800/1000 штук на грузовик. Условия: НОВЫЙ. Дефекты: нет Примечания: нет. Другие фото или видео (по запросу) доступны. В случае, если продукт имеет технические паспорта и / или упаковочные листы, они будут предоставлены только после явного запроса.
О компании
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Напитки, Бакалейная продукция, Бытовая техника, Потребительская электроника, Домашние принадлежности и бытовая техника, Косметика и парфюмерия, Все для кухни, Все для дома и офиса, Строительные материалы, Камни для строительства, Водопровод и канализация, Декоративные изделия, Товары для дома и сада, Мебель, Транспортные средства и комплектующие, Аксессуары и запчасти, Светодиодные светильники Италия, Milano
Established in 2003 from the founder Jlie Castoldi, originally named as C&C Srl.
From that company has been develop other branches:
-   Vertunex OU - Tallinn (Estonia) the holding one.
-   P.L.T. Forniture Inustriali S.r.l. 
-   VERTUNEX SE - Prague (Czech Republic)
-   VERTUNEX Eood - Sofia (Bulgaria) it's the brand and the main stocks site.
The brand is actually in firsts position on wholesaler stocklot companies and it move its core business between the whole of merchandise category, from bankruptcy up to failures, from over lots up to barter advertisement goods.
All that is sent to you or to which you will be interested is not only accompanied by all the necessary photographic, documentary, list and certifications (where / if required) but it is all on the ground, available, inspectionable without obligation and by appointment.
We develop Internationals and Italians co-operations and one of the most successful business partnership is with I.F.A. S.r.l. (Italian Forwarding Agency), a 30 years old leading Italian forwarding company, throughout we can supply to our clientsXW, FOB (or FOT), CfR (or CiF) Incoterms 2010 conditions, especially with any requested services: Maritime, Railways, Aero or Terrestrial.
All the services and freight rates will be included of Export Custom formalities and requested export documents too.
For some countries (Russia and Middle East mainly), we have possibility to propose DOOR Incoterms delivery condition too, caring of Import Custom Formalities too.
Your request was aout antiques, which is personal goods of the owner mr. Castoldi.
He is reading us in copy so feel free to contact him for this deal.
About the products we have now, find enclosed a list (pdf and xls).
In case of interest just send us an email with the reference/s and we will send you back all details, pictures, files, tecnhicals and (if necessary) certificates.


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