Pyramid "House" - 2923

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Description The Little House Pyramid is a fascinating wooden toy that is perfect for children aged 1 year and older. Child Health . It is important that the details of the "House" pyramid are made of high-quality birch wood material, which indicates that the toy is absolutely safe for the baby's health. Everyone knows that children love to take everything in their mouths, but since the pyramid does not contain small parts, then you will be sure that the baby does not swallow the elements of the toy. Child development. In the process of assembling the pyramid, the child develops: • Logical thinking; • Fine motor skills of hands; • Imagination; • Attention; • Memory. The reliability of the toy. Details of the pyramid “ House "will delight you and your baby with an attractive look for a long time, because wood is a durable and durable material. Interest. Bright details of the pyramid with cheerful drawings, no doubt They will certainly interest the child. The pyramid "House" consists of 8 parts, which simplifies the task for the youngest city planners.
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