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Pyramid "Abacus" - 2927

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The Abacus Pyramid is a fascinating and informative toy that is recommended for children aged 3 years and older. Even the smallest can gradually learn to count, thanks to the colorful and tactile details of the set.

  1. Child's health. All details of the Abacus pyramid are made of wood, and this is a natural and high-quality material that is harmless to the health of the baby, moreover, the colored parts of the set are covered with acrylic paint, so this toy is absolutely safe for the child.
  2. Child development. In progress games with the pyramid "Sets", the child develops:
  3. • Fine motor skills of hands;
    • Logical thinking;
    • Basic numeracy skills;
    • Attention;
    • Memory.

  4. The reliability of the toy. The "Abacus" pyramid will delight you and your baby with its brightness for more than one year, because its parts are made of natural wood, and everyone knows that wooden toys are famous for their strength and reliability.
  5. Interest. The details of the pyramid are painted in bright colors, and their shape and quality of processing make and x are very pleasant to the touch, so the kid will like to play with them. By stringing the details onto the rods, the child will gradually learn to distinguish where there are many and where there are few details, and after a while, of course with your help, he will begin to count. There are 15 parts in the set, and over time the child will come up with many options for playing with them.
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