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Home-style adjika is a dish that each of us has known since childhood. At first glance, the simple name of this product conjures up a variety of emotions and impressions in the imagination of every person. The smell of ripe tomatoes , meat grilled on charcoal, and all the colors of summer outdoor recreation immediately come to mind. Botlikh Fruit Canning Factory offers its consumers to buy adjika , made according to a traditional recipe and practically no different from the one that mothers and grandmothers made in our childhood. Adjika homemade of our production, no doubt, will suit your taste, while you can purchase it at any time of the year. Thanks to its recipe adjika, buy in Moscow < / strong> which can be found in any retail store from the Botlikh plant, is an excellent addition to dishes of meat, vegetables, potatoes, it will go well even with tender fish fillets. By the way, many housewives go for the following trick: when meeting guests, homemade adjika , the preparation of which would take a long time, is simply transferred from jar to vase. And all the questions about how she managed to cook such an incredibly tasty preparation turn into a big secret. Even if you do not know how to cook at all, homemade tomato adjika produced by our plant will not leave anyone indifferent, while no one dares to doubt that it has just been cooked in your kitchen.
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«Ботлихский фруктово-консервный завод»
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