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GENERAL INFORMATION. 1.1 METAPHYSIOL is a feed additive for the regulation of metabolic and physiological processes in the liver of farm animals and poultry. 2.2 METAFIZIOL is a multicomponent mixture of fat and water-soluble vitamins and amino acids , antioxidant and stabilizer. As an active ingredient, 1000 ml contains: L-carnitine - 5000 mg, vitamin B6-500 mg, vitamin B12-15 mg, nicotinamide - 150 mg, calcium pantetonade (D-panthenol) -1000 mg. DL-methionine -10000 mg, sorbitol-100 mg L-lysine - 1000 mg, L-glycine 2000 mg, L-glutamic acid - 1500 mg, L-aspartic acid - 1500 mg. The feed additive is not contains genetically modified products. 1.3 In appearance, METAFIZIOL is a transparent liquid from light red to dark red, well soluble in water. 1.4 Feed additive is packaged in canisters made of polymeric materials, sealed with screw caps of 1 and 10 liters, as well as in glass bottles of 100 ml. Each package is marked in Russian, indicating: the manufacturer's organization, its address and trademark, the name of the feed additive, purpose, method of application, composition and guaranteed parameters, batch number, volume, date of manufacture, shelf life and storage conditions, marked "For animals ". Store in a closed container in a dry place, protected from direct sunlight, at temperatures from + 5C to + 25C. Shelf life in original packaging and subject to temperature conditions - 18 months. 1.5 Do not use METAFIZIOL after the expiration date. APPLICATION PROCEDURE. METAFIZIOL provides detoxifying effect in farm animals and poultry, increases energy capacity, eliminates the toxic effect of ammonia during the period of intensive growth, performs choleretic and vitaminizing actions. The feed additive is used orally with water for drinking daily for 5-7 days at the rate of: poultry: 50-100 ml per 100 liters of drinking water large animals: (cattle, pigs, horses) 30 ml per head small animals: (sheep, goats, piglets, calves and foals) 10 ml per head. Repeat if necessary after a week. < / p> The working solution is prepared immediately before use, taking into account the daily fluid intake and the required concentration. Complications and side effects during use no feed additive has been identified in accordance with this instruction. Do not use METAFIZIOL in the drinking system together with oral vaccines, organic acids. The feed additive contains vitamins and amino acids for which there is no period expectations, i.e. products from farm animals and poultry can be used for food purposes without restrictions. PERSONAL PREVENTION MEASURES. When working with a feed additive, you must follow the rules of personal hygiene and technology security. In case of accidental contact of the product on the skin or mucous membranes, wash them with plenty of water and, if necessary, consult a doctor. METAFIZIOL should be stored in places inaccessible to children. PROCEDURE FOR SUBMISSION OF CLAIMS. In case of non-compliance of the feed additive with the requirements of this instruction, as well as detection of complications, the use of the feed additive is discontinued and the State Enterprise "Belgostsvettsentr" "(Minsk, Krasnaya str. 19a, tel. 2904279), and it is also necessary to transfer 3 arrivals of the additive from the batch in which complications were detected. FULL NAME OF THE MANUFACTURER. Manufacturer: Chemifarma SpA, Italy, Forlì, st. Via Don Eugenio Servadei 16-4710011а1
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