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Consignment hinge PNU-100 (butterfly) main purpose - fastening interior doors. The fundamental difference of this hinge is that it does not need additional grooves to fit the hinge, which significantly saves time when installing the door block. This buttonhole is also often referred to as a "no stitch" buttonhole. The hinge is universal - it has no left and right sides. Available on sale in the following coatings: zinc, polymer (white, chrome effect) Zinc coating - decorative and protective coating , which protects the metal from corrosion and gives the surface of the product a shiny tint. Polymer powder coating - decorative and protective coating. Unlike zinc coating, it protects products from corrosion several times longer. And the decorative component allows you to paint the product in almost any color. Dimensions: Height 100 mm, width 74mm (unfolded) < strong> Thickness: 2.5 mm
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