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 We are a distribution company representing a number of International brands in the MENA Region (including MASPEX from Poland). 
We are focused on organic and high quality food that is made with very good ingredients. 

We have Kernels, Dried Fruits, Pistachios,Walnuts/Nuts  REQUIREMENTS sharing the different discussion in regards to areas of Collaboration. 

Our company is part of *** Holding; so we are a strong and stable entity that is expanding in the food and distribution category. 

Based on the above data  and the we are looking for the following:
As we are going to be working with these products in the region we are looking at the following: 
1)    Prices of the above items 
2)    Halal Certificate that is available at the moment to check with the municipality on it approval. 
3)    Also please share other certificates available with the chicken producers. 
4)    Certificates showing the feed the animals are getting.  
5)    Production capacity of the suppliers you will identify.
6)    Possibility of creating a private label for all the above items.

Looking forward for your response and future collaboration.

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07 Eylül 2020 13:30

Здравствуйте, меня зовут Татьяна! Рада знакомству! Представляю интересы итяльянских производителей бакалейной продукции, гастрономические соусы, горькие настойки *amaro, оливковое масло высочайшего качества, макаронные изделия + безглютеновые товары, фисташковые и миндальные хлопья и многое другое. Буду рада сотрудничеству!

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2020 day
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