Dry wood : 36mm (thickness) * 86mm (width) * 3.985m (length) , on average dimensions can be exceeded by 2mm

28mm (Thickness) * 125 / 150mm (Width) Long 3.6 / 4m

34mm (Thickness) * 125/150 / 175mm (Width) Length 3.6 / 4m

The type of tree mest be one of these species: pine, Mongolian pine, rough spruce or Delawan fir


About the quality. Wet boards, 3 categories. Must be proportional on all sides. Each of the parameters should be 3 mm larger, as they will be dried.

Need 1 composition every 2 weeks (about 1800m3) on an ongoing basis. But we are ready to consider the proposal for a smaller volume.

Give 2 types of prices:

1. FCA delivery conditions (we will pick up the goods ourselves, shipper will ccover shipment and customs clearance )

2. With delivery to Zhengzhou (郑州 , Zheng Zhou)

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