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Uzun Xing LXC-260C - 3028

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Flat knitting machines are designed for the production of fabrics and coupons (finished products) from knitted fabric, wool and other materials. Wide functionality allows you to create exclusive products and significantly expand the capabilities of the production capacity of the enterprise
Automatic flat knitting machine can perform the following types of knitting: knitting, jacquard, loop offset, intarsia.
Needle bar shift is controlled by a servo motor, maximum shift 2 ”to the left or to the right ½, ¼, ¾ stitches are accessible from any position and can be compensated for
Automatic emergency stop of the machine and sound signal in case of thread break, needle damage, program error.
Patterns can be loaded onto a USB disk and saved to machine memory Voltage 220 V
Russian interface, template creation program included

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Knitting machine class 3G , 5G, 7G, 12G, 14G
Knitting width 60 ”(152.4cm)
Knitting speed 1.2 m / s
Number of systems One carriage 2 knitting systems
Display 10.4 color LCD panels
Interface USB port
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