Steam generator LELIT PG027 5 liters - 3049

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Steam generator with iron for professional and home use. The boiler of the steam generator is made of stainless steel, coated with anti-limescale coating. Inside the aluminum soleplate of the iron, 32 steam chambers are tightly sealed, which helps to remove condensation that forms during operation. The heating element of the iron is completely sealed into the soleplate, which ensures an even distribution of heat over the entire working surface of the iron. Advantages: Adjusting the amount of steam supplied Handle for transportation Drain cock < table class = "t-props"> Production Italy Nominal capacity boiler (INOX steel) 5 liters Actual boiler capacity 3.7 liters Boiler power 1500 W Iron power 800 W Working pressure 3.5 bar Maximum pressure 5.5 bar Operating voltage 220/230 V 50 Hz Gross weight 10, 81kg Dimensions 31 * 42 * 39
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