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Embroidery machine Barudan BEVT-Z1501CBII 1200 * 330 - 2830

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The machine is designed for industrial embroidery on finished products, hats and cut elements for all types of materials, including leather.

The ability to install devices for sequins (sequins) and flat cord allows you to decorate your embroidery with original decor ... In addition, the embroidery field of the machine can be increased to 330 * 1200 mm by changing the driving pantograph and frame.


  • Sewing speed up to 1200 stitches per minute
  • Speed ​​is adjustable for each specific type of embroidery
  • Operator-friendly, working on the principle of displaying icons on the monitor, standard for all Barudan models
  • Possibility of embroidery on cut, baseball caps, trumpet products, socks; quick changeover from one type to another
  • Information easily readable from the color monitor
  • Automatic trimming
  • Automatic detection of both upper and lower thread breaks
  • Radial cylindrical sleeve for perfect embroidery quality on baseball caps
  • Machine's processor memory capacity 10,000,000 stitches in 30 patterns
  • Compact Flash Card (CF card)
  • Reset 1600 stitches
  • Error code indicated on icon
  • Reset function
  • Network connectivity

Package contents:

  • hoops for finished products 300x290
  • round hoops: diameter 12cm (2pcs)
  • double sequin device
  • border frame 1200 * 330 mm
  • table top 1200 * 330
  • device for knocking out holes (boring)
  • round hoops: diameter 15cm (2pcs)

Application :

  • Application of trademarks on fabric, leather, felt, as well as on finished products, clothing I'm waiting, etc.
  • .
  • Applying logos on hats (caps, knitted hats), T-shirts, shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, even shoes
  • Applying logos on uniforms
  • Embroidery of chevrons
  • Decorating clothes, curtains, household items
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