Truck unloader
Truck unloader
Truck unloader
The ARF truck unloader is stationary, hydraulic. Designed for unloading bulk cargo of grain group, root crops, apples, as well as other bulk cargo, the angle of repose of which is not more than 38º. For unloading from flatbed vehicles and tractors with semi-trailers with a total weight (with a load), automobile and tractor trains with trailers with a total weight of up to 80 tons through an open tailgate without uncoupling. . Wheel stops are reinforced. They can be equipped with a hydraulic drive at the request of the customer. The hydraulic stops are designed in such a way as to minimize their maintenance, increase their service life and eliminate jamming of the stop. When designing the platform, Ukrainian transportation realities were taken into account. The platform and supports of our truck tipper have increased strength, extended service life and maintain the integrity and functionality of the structure during overload. The design eliminates platform deformations due to high-quality and modern hydraulic system.

Truck unloader - 20788

USD 9000.0 - 50000.0 USD

最小订购: 1 个/件/只

供应可能性: 不显示

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