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腌料-腌料中保存的各种蔬菜(水,醋和香料的混合物)的清单很大,例如黄瓜,西红柿,西葫芦,南瓜,甜椒和辣椒,大蒜,玉米芯,蘑菇和茄子。 LLC BESTEK-Engineering提供全套生产服务,可按制造商的价格提供现代,高性能的生产线,用于生产各种设计和改造的蔬菜罐头。每个技术线都是根据以下内容分别选择的:技术规格,可用区域,产品规格和所需的性能。
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The Krapivina A9-KVD oven is designed for cooking jams, tomato products, syrups, jam, as well as for frying and sautéing vegetables, drying flour for dressing in the preparation of first and second courses, sautéing pieces of meat when producing canned meat at small and medium-sized canning and food industries. power.   * Productivity kg / hour 120 - strawberry jam 90 - fried onions 180 - fried carrots 190 - sautéed onions 170 - pasteurized carrots 95
USD 73.45/个/件/只 73.45
Labeling machine P1-VEN with the help of this unit is used to automatically apply a paper label to the cylindrical surface of glass, plastic, metal cans. The design features of the device allow you to stick a regular label as well as a circular label by applying a thin layer of glue to the label itself. Productivity, pcs / h up to 6000 Diameter of processed vessels, mm 40-200 Label height, mm 30-150   The device has a built-in glue roller heating system (which is extremely effective in the winter season when the temperature in the workshop is below 17 ° C). The device is capable of functioning as part of a line or autonomously, because has its own conveyor and does not require a special foundation for installation. Additional complete set of P1-VEN labeler - additional auger for changeover to another size of the container; - wide conveyor; - we manufacture feeding and outgoing conveyors, inclined trays, accumulating tables; - the outer part of the conveyor can be made of stainless steel (in the case of vinegar and marinade production) or coated with polymers.
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The B2-FNA machine is designed for filling and dispensing meat, fat and salt with pepper in metal No. 3, 4, 8, 9, 12, 13, 43 GOST 5981 and glass jars 1-82-500 GOST 5717-81 in the manufacture of canned food type "Stewed meat". The machine is used at meat canning factories in the production lines of canned meat and meat-vegetable canned food. The use of frequency converters of the firm "Omron" (Japan) or "Schneider Electric" (Austria), allows you to smoothly regulate the performance of the machine within the specified limits.   * Productivity, ban / hour - for cans No. 3,4,8,9,12,13,43 - up to 7200 - for cans No. 12.13 GOST 5981-82 and glass containers - up to 4680   * Meat dose, kg no more than 1 * Dose of salt with pepper, g 2.5-10 * Dosing accuracy,% 3
USD 73.45/个/件/只 73.45
The automatic dosing and filling machine B4-KDN-22 is designed for filling puree-like products, mixtures of coarsely chopped vegetables (particles 5: 7 mm), a mixture of chopped vegetables and pearl barley (91%) in cans with a capacity of 0.5 to 1.0 liters. beef fat and tomato paste, hot sauce, productivity 100 ban / min. * Installed power, kW 1.1
USD 73.45/个/件/只 73.45
The automatic dosing and filling machine Zh7-DNT-2-6 is designed for dosing by volume of liquid food products with a viscosity of 0.4 N s / m2 to 8.0 N s / m2 into cylindrical bottles and cans (vessels) of a wide range of type " Twist-off and traditional.   Productivity, vessels / min 40 -160 Number of dispensers 10
USD 73.45/个/件/只 73.45
The automatic dosing and filling machine Zh7-DNG-6 is designed for packaging products - peas, beans and corn and filling them into cylindrical glass and cans of a wide range. Zh7-DNG-6 is a new generation of fillers of the KDN-16 type. The machine has a modern design, operational safety; convenient to maintain and operate; drive with stepless speed regulation, with functions of soft start, stop and overload protection; high degree of automation, dosing accuracy, workmanship, durability and maintainability. Working assembly units of the machine are made of modern materials.   Productivity, cans / min: par 95 maximum 125 minimum 63 Number of dispensing devices on carousels, pcs. 12
USD 73.45/个/件/只 73.45
The dispenser for thick masses, a model of linear volumetric filler, is used for filling food and non-food products, both liquid and thick in consistency with an operating temperature of up to 90 ° C with a capacity of 40 - 120 bpm. Effectively works with different types of containers and various types of products (Water, Milk, Vegetable oil, Condensed milk, Flower honey, Ketchup, mayonnaise, Tomato paste, Pates).   CIP - washing Connection to the CIP-washing unit Control Convenient and functional touch screen control panel Grocery tank V = 200 l.
USD 73.45/个/件/只 73.45
Seaming machine for metal cans Zh7-UMZH-6 is designed for marking metal cylindrical cans, a wide range of applications with high sealing reliability. The machine has a modern design, work safety; easy to maintain and operate. Working assembly units of the machine are made of modern materials. * Productivity, ban / min 80-160 * Installed power, kW 3.0 * Weight, kg 1650
USD 73.45/个/件/只 73.45
Capping machine Zh7-UMT-6 is designed for vapor-vacuum sealing of cans and bottles with Twist-Off caps. It is used at enterprises of the canning industry of medium power. * Productivity, vessels / min 40 - 130 * Machine diagram linear * Closing method spec. belts The technical level of the machine meets the best foreign counterparts in Germany and Italy. The machine has a modern design, easy to operate, adjust, maintain and repair. The machines are in demand by canneries in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Moldova. The advantages of this closure method: * clogging with elastic deformation of the lid elements, which excludes the destruction of glass containers during clogging and opening; * there is no oxygen in the sealed container, which makes it possible to extend the shelf life of products; ease of use, since no special devices are needed to open the lid.
USD 5395.24/个/件/只 5395.24
The OB-KET-C2 labeling machine is designed for sticking a side label on metal cylindrical cans filled with a product in accordance with GOST 5981-88. The labeling machine can be used in packaging lines for dairy, meat, vegetable canned food, as well as for packaging canned fish as part of lines installed on sea vessels. The machine can be used for autonomous work in food and other industries where similar cans are used. When the machine operates autonomously, its performance is not regulated. * Performance: - semi-automatic mode, not less than 6000-9000 pcs / h - automatic mode, not less than 9000-14000 pcs / h * Machine type linear, continuous * Installed power, no more than 1.55 kW * Electricity consumption, no more than 0.9 kW / h
USD 73.45/个/件/只 73.45
The drum scaler is one of the most common designs of the scaler. A rotating drum with perforation is located inside the working chamber or hopper. The scales are removed by rubbing the fish against the drum walls. Scale drum works with various types of raw materials: fresh fish, chilled, thawed uncut fish of all sizes. Cleaning technology - group processing of non-oriented fish without prior sorting by length and thickness. The machine is used in the production of canned fish and preserves, semi-finished products and culinary products in technological lines in the canning (preserves) and culinary production of coastal fish processing enterprises.
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BESTEK-Engineering LLC-食品加工设备的制造商和供应商


BESTEC-Engineering LLC的任务是开发和实施食品行业最高质量的先进集成技术解决方案。












2018年,该公司被俄罗斯联邦农业部认可为进口替代产品的领导者,并在莫斯科的Agroprodmash 2018展览会上获得了“关于进口替代产品的成就”提名的文凭。