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Espresso blends Monosort Specialty coffee for specialized coffee shops Flavored coffee for retail stores Rich assortment of teas Hot chocolate from Europe Working with Us, you are sure of the quality of coffee, in the dates of roasting. We will provide working cases for working with Bars and restaurants. We will provide recipes for setting each type of coffee. Recipes for cool coffee drinks.
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Kaffee und tee, Kaffeemaschinen Russland, Ставропольский край, Лермонтов, пр-т Лермонтова, 27

Freshly roasted beans. A large assortment of espresso for a coffee machine for professional coffee houses, as well as for cafes, restaurants and for home. A variety of monosortic positions that are suitable for cooking in a Turk, filter machine, air press. Roasting on a Giesen drum roaster. The quality is always stable, as we use the Cropster roasting control system. We also control each batch by color and humidity with a colorimeter.

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