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Товары от а до я от лучших турецких и европейских производителей.... Экспортируем для стран СНГ и за рубеж а также обратно импортировать в Турции и в Европу. ждем ваших комментариев и предложений.
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We offer corporate and extraordinary products (gifts, souvenirs, decors, furniture, curtains and many others) of any level - from funny and cool decorative products for home and office from Europe and Turkey. Any types of application and branding, strict adherence to deadlines and agreements, proven factories in Turkey and Europe, a wide range. & Nbsp; If you want to surprise and please your employees or clients, we will select for you the most interesting things in the right price category.
USD 30.0/шт 30.0
We offer men's sports winter clothing directly from Turkey. Available in various models and colors. Please contact.
USD 6.0 - 14.0/шт
Уникальные декоративные покрытия стен из 3D ПВС. Размер одного декора 39*39, (1 метр квадрат 6,5 штук) Имеются разные цвета по вашему вкусу. Белый, желтый, черный, коричневый, синий, красный итд. Вес одного декора примерно от 200-250 граммов. Вы можете использовать эти декор где угодно.. в гостинце, в кафе, в ресторане в домах, в холле, в барах итд. Наша декоративная продукция добавляет утончённости и мебели, которую она украшает, Она очень легко устанавливается, имеет прекрасное качество и представлена в многочисленных вариациях с кожаной и тканевой обивкой.
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Herren bekleidung, Herren sportbekleidung, Herrenjacken & windjacken, Herren trikotagen, Muslimische bekleidung, Textil, Medizinische geräte, Öl und gasausrüstung, Ausrüstung für teхtilinidustrie, Ausrüstung und technik für den straßenbau, Lebensmittel und landwirtschaftsmaschinen, Industrieanlagen, Landwirtschaftsmaschinen und ausrüstung, Baumaschinen und ausrüstung, Alles für die küche, Alles für zuhause und büro, Baumaterialien, Dekorative produkte, Wanddekoration, Haus & gartenprodukte, Haushalts & büromaterial, Haushaltschemikalien, Haushaltsprodukte, Kinder sicherheit waren, Möbel, Rohre, Türen und fenster, Andere transportarten, Autolappen, Auto räder system, Autoreifen, Fahrräder, Fahrzeuge & teile, Auto ersatzteile, Zubehör & teile Türkei, TASOCAĞI YOLU CADDESİ No:27 / 110, EXPRESS 24, BAĞCILAR / ISTANBUL

We hasten to offer you to use the services of the company "ELMEZ İNŞAAT SANAYI DIŞ TİCARET LİMİTED ŞİRKETİ".
Our company is engaged in the search and supply of goods from European manufacturers, including Turkey, as well as forwarding and transportation of goods to any point in Uzbekistan and the countries of Central Asia.
We suggest you briefly familiarize yourself with the list of our services:
Services for the search for goods.
provision of services for the search for manufacturers of goods, all types of equipment and high-quality and in-demand goods from the largest manufacturers in Turkey and Europe at the request of the client;
sending and delivery of goods in a convenient way for the client;
free provision of brochures, promotional items and information materials about the product;
prompt notification of customers about the arrival of a new assortment or products;
ordering individual products at the request of the client (product name and your logo);
free consultations of clients about the features of certain goods;
flexible system of discounts at your request;
any type of payment;
a wide range of high-quality and popular goods;
prompt solution of current issues;
free visit of the manager to get acquainted with the products and conclude a contract.
completing and marking orders.

Negotiation procedures between the supplier and the customer.
- conducting negotiation procedures with potential customers of the Customer
- assistance in concluding agreements between the Customer and the involved manufacturers on the terms presented by the Customer;
- control of the correctness and procedure for the implementation of the first delivery of goods under the agreements concluded between the manufacturer and the Customer;
- assistance in concluding agreements between the Customer and the involved manufacturers on terms more favorable for the Customer than those that were announced to them for the search for manufacturers;
- as well as other actions agreed by the parties additionally.
- processing of goods in accordance with the requirement of the Customer
Transport services and forwarding.

- air and auto transportation of groupage and whole cargo to the most remote corners of the country (Uzbekistan and Central Asia).
- Transportation of cargo of any volume, as well as goods and components for your business
- transportation of cargo weighing from 100 kg to 24 tons.
- transportation of cargo in compliance with the required temperature regime.
- delivery of cargo to the recipient home with customs clearance procedures.
- paperwork (including customs).
- packing and storage of cargo.
- the whole range of warehouse services. (storage and placement of products in our warehouse, storage and handling of cargo, taking into account its characteristics, loader services)
- cargo insurance.
- freight forwarding.
-discounts for regular customers

In addition, we are ready to answer any of your questions and help you choose the product you are interested in.
To order services and resolve any questions you may have, please contact us!

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