Band saw for meat and bones
The company Inter Plus offers to your attention food belt blades, 16 and 19 mm wide, 0.55 mm thick, tooth pitch 6. We weld saws on order, any length, in accordance with your machine, for example: Kolbe, Freund, Fimar, Fama, Sirman, PM-FPL, Mado, Fimar, Fama, EFA, JG, Jarvis, LaMinerva, В2-ФР-2П, and many others. The saws are suitable for cutting fresh meat, meat with bones, freezing, fish, frozen blocks, ice. Our blades are made of German steel, the composition of which is specially designed with increased anti-corrosion and moisture-resistant properties to increase the service life and quality of the saw cut in contact with difficult food products and at high loads in high-performance enterprises. We specialize in wholesale supplies of production facilities in the CIS and Europe.

Band saw for meat and bones - 27210

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