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Cables for data transmission (analogue LiYY) Cables KDVVG (analogue LiYY) are used as a control, signal cable for transmitting analog and digital signals in measuring, control electronic devices and computer systems with operating voltages up to 250 V with frequency up to 3 kHz AC or operating voltage up to 350 V DC. According to its properties and characteristics, the cable is a complete analogue of LiYY . (Analogue of LiYY) KDVVG new - a small-sized cable with stranded copper conductors with a cross-section of 0.25, 0.50, 0.75, 1.0 and 1.5 mm², conductor class 5 (cross-section 0.35 - class 4) twisted into a bundle ... Insulation and sheath made of PVC compound. Core colors (in accordance with DIN 47100): white, brown, green, yellow, gray, pink, blue, red, black, purple, gray-pink, red-blue.
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Elektrische ausrüstung & telekommunikation, Elektrische geräte & komponenten, Drähte, kabel, kabelbaugruppen Russland, Рязановское ш. , д. 9

TPD Parity produziert seit über 20 Jahren hochwertige Kabel- und Drahtprodukte. Das Unternehmen ist einer der führenden Hersteller auf den Märkten für Sicherheitssysteme, Automatisierung und Engineering.

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