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Features: 100% handmade 24K real gold painted, gilt, gilded glass vase Product dimensions: 110x110mm or 140x140mm Use of: Knowing that our products will be carefully kept , add beauty to the living spaces for years, are the antiques of the future, makes us to do our job lovingly. Since our products are handmade, they are all different and unique in their details. Our products are a decorative elegant object for table and coffee table top, customizing living spaces such as home and office. It can be used with real and artificial flowers or simply. It is a perfect gift for mothers and fathers, friends, lovers for special occasions like mother's day, father's day, christmas, birthday. Production: We apply relief relief patterns on handmade glass products first. Then, by applying 24K real gold paint and firing at 600C, we ensure that the gold mineral is fixed to the glass and gains its brightness. Every stage of production is done manually. Since we do not make a fabricated production, each product is different and unique in each other. Our products are 100% made in Turkey. We can also apply the patterns and logo designs you want to our products. ZER-RIN brand: As ZER-RIN, we offer our 100% handmade high quality products with a focus on customer satisfaction. We have brand labels fixed on our products as relief. Our logo writes the year of production, the model and the number of products produced. An average of 50-100 pieces are produced from each of our designs. It will further increase its value over the years.
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Bijouterie, Juwelierwaren, Dekorative produkte, Innendekoration, Wohnaccessoires, Bürozubehör Türkei, KARABAŞ MH. BELDE SK. NO:5/608 İZMİT KOCAELİ TÜRKİYE

Стекло с росписью золотом 24 карата и бижутерия. Ваза, графин, пиала, сахарница, серьга, колье, браслет. Декоративные изделия ручной работы в бутике. 100% турецкое производство.

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