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USD 416.52/шт 416.52
Exercise bike ALTEZANI AB004 is used to fight overweight, strengthen the cardiovascular system, train muscles, increase body endurance. Suitable for interval training and targeted training, it engages the muscles in the upper and lower body. The aerodynamic principle of the model allows you to perform exercises without shock loading on the veins, joints, ligaments. An exercise bike for home workouts from ALTEZANI has the following advantages: Autonomous work (without connecting to the mains); Display of speed, distance covered, training time and number of calories burned on the display; The ability to perform exercises while standing, without support on the seat; A wide range of difficulty levels; Low injury risk - the simulator is used for muscle recovery. Training on ALTEZANI equipment improves the work of the cardiovascular and metabolic systems of the body, promotes the production of skeletal muscle cells. The simulator has a large and comfortable seat with adjustable height and position. It allows you to pedal in the opposite direction to develop all muscle groups. The ALTEZANI AB004 model takes up a small amount of space and does not require special conditions. It can be used in any room or outdoors. The frame of the simulator is made of durable metal alloys, ensuring its reliability and resistance to mechanical damage. The steering wheel has an ergonomic shape and does not slip in the hands.
USD 1626.04/шт 1626.04
The Concept 2 (Model D) with PM 5 monitor is specially designed for intense interval training and is suitable for training in specialized gyms and in crossfit studios. Provides effective training by stimulating the basic systems of human life. Features: Rowing imitation uses the main muscle group of the press, shoulder girdle, hips, back, thereby achieving the maximum effect on increasing the body's endurance. Active training allows you to effectively burn fat. The D model is equipped with a system of settings that controls various levels of stress and provides an optimal personal training program while monitoring exercise performance. During the production of the simulator, attention is paid to the quality of every detail, which distinguishes this model in the line of power equipment as the most durable and reliable. It is also necessary to note the accuracy of measuring the results of each workout. The rowing machine not only improves the tone of the body, it allows you to create the ideal proportions of your body. The PM5 Performance Monitor sets this rowing machine apart from other high performance cardio devices. Allows you to control the intensity of training, mileage, physical indicators of the athlete and other data. Has three data transmission channels: ANT, ANT +, Bluetooth. The wireless communication system allows several simulators to be connected into a single network at the same time, which makes it possible to conduct either group training or speed competitions.
USD 1554.32/шт 1554.32
A professional ski simulator maximizes muscle stress and provides the body with a high aerobic load. The model is equipped with an unbound travel system, where during training, a cable is used instead of sticks, and the legs move alternately or parallel. Accordingly, different muscle groups are involved in the training process. Due to its small size, the simulator can be used both in fitness centers and at home.
USD 1305.8/шт 1305.8
The rowing machine from the professional line is suitable for gyms and for home use. Rowing imitation gives an effective load on the entire body, develops the muscles of the press, shoulder girdle, back, legs, hips and provides maximum calorie consumption. Adjustment system with different load levels and simultaneous control of the execution. The monitor records the result of this workout: distance; rowing pace; speed.
USD 791.01/шт 791.01
The versatile rowing machine is designed for high-performance, full-body cardio workouts for home use. On a rowing machine, you can carry out a full-fledged cardio workout in half an hour (and burn up to 400 kilocalories) or a full-body warm-up before strength training, because up to 70% of the muscles are involved in rowing. 60% of the load falls on the legs, 30% on the back and 10% on the arms. Easy-to-use simulator: any user can easily select the load, no additional setup is required. Smooth adjustment of the load within a wide range allows the use of the simulator for people with different levels of physical fitness. Compliance with the laws of biomechanics guarantees the safety and efficiency of training. Valuable information for evaluating training results: The machine displays data such as distance, speed, strokes per minute, and power in watts. Features: Due to liquid resistance, the simulator allows you to maximally repeat the natural cyclic movements of an athlete in rowing, while maintaining smooth movement. Compactness and mobility: the simulator can be easily moved to the area of the gym where it may be needed for training. Possibility of vertical storage
USD 646.15/шт 646.15
The water rowing machine is designed for high-performance cardio workouts that actively engage the muscles in your back, legs and arms. The trainer provides a natural smooth ride, simulating rowing on water. The water resistance system creates a smooth load without jerking. The robust body is made of steel and anodized aluminum, which allows the exercise machine for people weighing up to 150 kg. The informational LCD display shows the main characteristics of the workout: time, distance, pace, number of strokes per minute, number of calories expended. Comfortable ergonomic seat made of polyurethane.
USD 2296.33/шт 2296.33
The ellipsoid UG-EL005 is designed for use in sports clubs, hotels, sanatoriums and other establishments with medium traffic. The main feature of this simulator is the induction loading system. Today it is the most advanced system of loading for bicycles / - and elliptical trainers. Induction brake advantages: the number of interacting rubbing elements is reduced to a minimum, therefore, the overall reliability of the system is much higher; the course of the simulator is much softer and smoother, while the noise level is lower than that of simulators with a different loading system; an induction brake (in conjunction with a generator) does not need to be connected to the mains, which saves electricity and eliminates unnecessary wires. Thanks to its excellent biomechanics and a stride length of 52 cm, training on the simulator is absolutely comfortable and effective. High quality bearings are used in the frame design, which significantly increase the reliability of the simulator docking assemblies. On the professional LED display: training profile, speed, distance, RPM, calories and heart rate. If you wish, you can use one of the 12 preset programs designed for weight loss, endurance training, speed performance, rehabilitation, etc. In addition to the preset programs, you can use the independently adjustable manual mode, as well as create your own program.
USD 1736.8/шт 1736.8
Professional elliptical orbitek UG-EL004 series is modern design and quality materials. Suitable for all skill levels: professional athletes and beginners. Thanks to the smooth and natural trajectories of movement, these simulators allow you to conduct gentle yet effective workouts. UG-EL004 series professional elliptical orbitek has the features of The console has an intuitive interface, and you can control the load and monitor the heart rate without taking your hands off the grips thanks to well-proven technology. The matrix display shows the necessary training parameters: distance, speed, time, calories burned, exercise level and heart rate. Soft, wide pedals, combined with long strides, provide natural comfort during your workout.
USD 1540.83/шт 1540.83
The CR 150 elliptical trainer has the following advantages: Reinforced frame with protection against impacts, jerks, shocks. It can support 150 kg and easily endure daily intense workouts; Electromagnetic loading system that provides smooth pedaling, silent operation of the cross-trainer, fast switching of difficulty levels; Possibility to change the angle of inclination (from 0 to 15º) and 24 resistance levels; Versatility - the orbitrek is suitable for people with any physical condition. Thanks to the solid stride length (510 mm), it is convenient for tall athletes to train on it; Display of the number of calories burned, distance covered, difficulty level, training duration and heart rate on the LCD display. The CR 150 elliptical home trainers take up little space and have casters. They work offline and do not require regular maintenance. Their handles are ergonomically shaped and non-slip. CR 150 cross trainers actively affect the gastrocnemius, biceps and gluteus maximus muscle. They also develop quadriceps, biceps, triceps, chest, back, belly. With their help, they lose weight, gain weight, and recover from injuries and illnesses. They correct posture, improve the functioning of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, and accelerate metabolism. We offer to buy an ellipsoid CR 150 for home use and guarantee the following advantages: Delivery of the simulator to your city within a few days; Perfect condition of the orbit track, its 100% compliance with the description; Low price - 5-10% cheaper than the market average; No delays or other surprises.
USD 457.28/шт 457.28
The elliptical trainer ALTEZANI E 120 helps to lose weight, increase endurance, and restore the body after injuries and diseases. It actively affects the following muscle groups: Knees; Shoulder girdle; Ankle joints; Press.   Workouts at home strengthen the heart while lowering the risk of heart disease. Regular exercise on the ALTEZANI E 12 ellipsoid increases lung capacity and the state of the respiratory system, and reduces the frequency of shortness of breath. They relieve stress, create emotional release, and have a positive effect on metabolism. The ALTEZANI E 120 model has the following advantages: Reinforced metal frame, resistant to daily stress, impact, shock. It can carry up to 120 kg; 8 difficulty levels: from basic to advanced; LED display showing distance traveled, speed, time, heart rate, calories burned; IPad stand.   The ALTEZANI home elliptical trainer is easy to move due to the presence of castors. It takes up a small amount of space, does not require maintenance and does not need to be connected to the electrical network. The orbitrek is suitable for children and adults, beginners and professionals, men and women.
USD 3614.2/шт 3614.2
The new M003 mechanical treadmill has an attractive design, is built for high loads and improves the physical performance of athletes. The treadmill is suitable for both professional users and those who are just starting to seriously work on physical fitness. UG-M 003 allows for interval and strength training, therefore it is in demand in crossfit gyms and functional areas of modern fitness clubs. The UltraGym UG-M 003 trainer has the following advantages: The LCD displays the main parameters: time, speed, distance, calories, heart rate. You can use a cardio belt to track your results (not included). The simulator has a magnetic resistance system with 6 modes: "Free movement" - running without load, "Power walking" - medium load, "Push the sled" - maximum load, with different steps. The monitor displays speed, distance, time, calories. Synchronizes quickly with the athlete's speed. Accelerates quickly, adapts to the runner's style. The curved belt ensures correct running technique. The treadmill is driven by muscle force, equipped with a magnetic brake that is manually operated by a lever. The magnets create resistance and provide a very smooth and pleasant ride. The frame is durable, steel, for club and home use. Intuitive user console displays speed, distance, time, calories.
USD 1283.79/шт 1283.79
The Altezani ALS 1500 treadmill is equipped with a powerful 4 horsepower engine that provides the following benefits: Wide speed range - from 0.8 to 18 km / h; Uniform running of the running belt; High maximum weight - up to 150 kg.   The Altezani ALS 1500 home treadmill contains a large LED display showing heart rate, distance traveled, running / walking speed, training duration. You can connect a flash drive or an MP3 player to the simulator, it plays music through a Hi-Fi speaker and has the following features: Softdrop hydraulic system that allows the treadmill to be folded and unfolded in 2-5 minutes; Automatic lubrication system that slows down wear of the running belt and prevents it from rubbing; Reinforced metal frame, resistant to shocks, falls, shocks, intense daily stress; Air Cushion cushioning system - reduces stress on the athlete's spine and joints.   The Altezani ALS 1500 is a foldable treadmill that does not require a separate seat. It can be stored in the closet, on the balcony, under the bed (folded). It is suitable for walking and jogging, used in private homes and gyms, and has a 12-month warranty. We offer to buy the Altezani ALS 1500 treadmill at the best price and guarantee the following benefits: Sending to any region of the country; Fair value - the price of the model is 5-10% lower than the market average; Delivery of the simulator in perfect condition within a few days; Help with disassembly and installation (consultation).
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