Welding works in Tver
Welding works in Tver
Welding works in Tver
We offer the services of an electric welder in Tver and the region. The list of works performed: -replacement of risers -insertion of branches -wiring heating -replacement of radiators -metal structures of any complexity -fences, gates, garage gates, fences of various types. -installation and welding of stairs. - welding of pipes of any size. - dismantling. Check out and assessment is free. The cost of services depends on the complexity of the work performed. Call, I will answer your questions. Our services are a welder and welding and assembly work. But if necessary, you can order from various metal structures. We will make metal structures taking into account all your requirements and features of installation on site. Call us, indicate the type of work and a convenient time for you. All requests are processed as quickly as possible, taking into account your wishes and requirements. We provide the departure of a welder or a welding and repair team to an object in Tver. If necessary, we provide the opportunity to call a welder with his generator. This is especially true for small orders when performing welding work without an electrical connection. The use of a welding generator makes it possible to perform small welding services without connecting to the customer's electrical network. Thus, securing the unreliable or dilapidated electrical wiring of the customer. You need a welder, you've found him. We guarantee excellent quality and maximum responsibility, any welding services in combination with an optimal price! If you are looking for specialists in the field of metal welding - we are at your service! Contact us - we will definitely help!

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Tver industrial and repair group of companies, Tver
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