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Knit Fabric Two-fold mollettone 100% cotton, color: optional

Adas Textile
USD 3.5 - 4.7 USD

Minimum order: 500 kg

Supply ability: 1 kg/per day

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Knitted fabric is often referred to as “footer”, “2-thread footer”, “fabric footer” in the description. Footers are modern knitted fabrics that in recent years have “breathed” in a new way. A wide assortment of clothes is sewn from the footer - from children's to casual adults, or clothes for sports and tourism, since the footer fabric holds its shape well and is very soft and pleasant to the body.

Web characteristics

Width 1 meter (At the request of the client it is possible to change the width)

Density 170g-195 g / m2 Nm51 / 1 (Ne30 / 1), Nm34 / 1 (Ne20 / 1), Nm30 / 1 (Ne18 / 1)

220-245 g / m2 Nm34 / 1 (Ne20 / 1), Nm17 / 1 (Ne10 / 1), Nm13 / 1 (Ne8 / 1) (At the request of the client, we work with other numbers of yarn)

Yarn 100% cotton (At the request of the client with the addition of additional inclusions)

Round weft, flat knitting

Car brand SAVA

Car class 22.28

Machine diameter 32 ″

What can I sew from the footer of 2 threads:


Home clothes: bathrobe, pajamas, set for home and relaxation;

Children's clothing: romper, baby's undershirts, sweatshirts, pants, lightweight hats for autumn and spring;

Sportswear: sweatshirts, leggings, leggings, suits;

Everyday clothes: sweaters, turtlenecks, sweatshirts, warm pants, warm dresses, skirts.

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