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More than 25880 suppliers from 82 countries of the world

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More than 10 000 orders from buyers per month

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More than 1 500 000 views from buyers

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Qoovee can act as a guarantor of deals.

How do we attract clients for you
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Discover wholesale suppliers and product manufacturers or create a page of your company within this service. More than 18 000 companies have chosen Qoovee Market as one of the platforms to promote business

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You can submit RFQ for a product (Request For Quotation). Qoovee will notify suppliers about your request. You have a great opportuity to choose a product or service that is most suitable for you in terms of price and conditions among all offered quotes.

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"Services" is created for companies that are interested in discovering service executors or in promoting their services in the B2B sector.

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In this service you can protect your brand, business or business reputation. And monetize your intellectual property by selling. Besides, you have the opportunity to purchase a ready intellectual property object.

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Business club

Within this service you can join the international community of top managers and business owners and get different privileges for the development of your business in the international arena.

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Requests from buyers


Do you want to buy products in bulk? Submit RFQ (Request for Quotation), and the Qoovee team will notify the related companies about your request. Among all offers you can choose the most suitable one in terms of prices and conditions.


Create an offer to sell products in bulk or find partners and investors for your business. Wholesale buyers in turn can find the required offers from entrepreneurs.

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