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Sell on Qoovee. Pay only on results

There are inquiries from customers – you pay. There are no inquiries – anyway you promote for free.

What does the balance topping up give (paid promotion)?
  • Promotion in top positions within Qoovee catalogs
  • Access to inquiries and tenders a few days earlier than your competitors who do not have a balance
  • Your company, products and services will appear in the top in search results
  • Your contact details become available to customers. Contact details of your competitors who have no balance are not available for viewing by customers
  • Money is deducted from your balance only once you get inquiries and if customers request your contact details. Moreover, you decide how much to pay per inquiry.

Minimum top up amount 40$

Promotion on - Pay only on results!
You have customers - you pay.
You don't have customers - you promote for free.

On the business platform of, you are promoting your business and don’t pay for subscription, impressions or clicks. You pay only after iinquiries/requests received from potential customers and you set the rate yourself for how much you are willing to pay for the clients' requests.

A customer sends you an inquiry or request on the contact form on your store, text you a message, opens your contact details - you pay the amount that you set. The customer visited your store, viewed your products and services, but doesn't leave a request or message, then you pay nothing.

How does it work?

You add your company, services and products on


Set/bid your rate depending on how much you are willing to pay for 1 inquiry/request from a potential customer.


Top up your balance by any amount (minimum $40 )


Your goods and services start to be promoted with higher priority in the directory, search results and other places on Qoovee than of those companies who do not recharge balance for promotion, or those who set the rate for user requests less than yours


Your balance will be written-off only once you receive requests/inquiries from potential customers and partners

Reviews of customers and partners


No, Qoovee doesn't charge any commission from your sales. All deals are closed by you and your buyers without intermediaries. But you can use our "Transaction guarantee" service if you want to make a secure transaction on the site. In this case, the platform charges a commission from the transaction for this service.

Buyer and seller define payment terms themselves if they want to close a deal without using the Qoovee support. If you wish to perform a secure transaction (get guarantee), a payment can be made via Qoovee. Buyer sends product or service fee to the Qoovee transit account. Seller receives a notification that the fee has been received and then sends the products to the buyer (or provides a service). After the buyer receives the product / service, Qoovee charge a commission fee and transfers the product / service fee to the Seller.

You can find transport and logistics companies on Qoovee Logistics service, international alliance for transport services. Besides, get guarantee.

The current balance is always displayed on your dashboard.

Your customers contact you directly. Your contact details are available to visitors, in addition, there is a contact form on your store and the online chat. Letters sent via this form and chat will be sent to your email.

In your dashboard on Qoovee

Not. Money received on your balance are non-refundable. You can only use them within the system of Qoovee.

You get buyers from the general product catalog and search tool on In addition, Qoovee constantly attracts and expands targeted traffic from different channels and sources through its marketing campaigns. Active sellers who trade on Qoovee advertise their catalogs on different platforms (for example, in Google, Yandex, Instagram, etc.), directing the targeted traffic from there to the Qoovee platform as well.

In case you want to make a secure transaction (get guarantees), payment can be made through the Qoovee service. Buyer sends product or service fee to the Qoovee transit account. Seller receives a notification that the fee has been received and then sends the products to the buyer (or provides the service). After the buyer receives the product / service, Qoovee charge a commission fee and transfers the product / service fee to the Seller. You can also buy from or sell to platfom users directly. But in this case Qoovee does not provide any guarantees. Participants of a deal take all responsibility and risks for the transaction.

Most sellers are aware: More views and an intense flow of targeted visitors lead to More deals! We guarantee views of products or services by target buyers for sellers on Qoovee Market with paid tariff status. In case you do not get the guaranteed number of views of your products / services, you can use the current status free of charge until you get all the views, you can track the number of views through Qoovee counter and Google Analytics, Yandex Metric tools. Our support service is always ready to advise you on various queries regarding the promotion of your online store created on Qoovee. We support your success!

No. You only pay for inquiries, messages, and requests from potential customers, and only if you promote your company, your products, and services in top positions among products, services and suppliers' directory

Set your rate/bet per a customer's inquiry higher than your competitors' rate. The system will recommend a bet in your dashboard, which will allow you to get to top positions.

Using a Visa / MasterCard bank card, Pay U payment system, and bank transfer. We will expand ways to top-up.

Balance top-up and write-off reports are available on your dashboard.

Yes, you can. But in this case, in the product/service and the supplier directory, your company, products, and services will be displayed lower than of those competitors, who have recharged balances and have funds to promote. But you can join tops in the ranking of views if your products and services are in high demand, your page has high traffic, and also if you have good quality photos of products/ services, descriptions, etc.

- For incoming requests - For an incoming inquiry on Qoovee chat - For viewing your contact details - For access to contact details of a customer and messaging to a customer through the chat in public orders/biddings

Higher priority promotion on Qoovee, compared to companies with free plans and thus more interest from potential customers. Having the amount on your balance allows you to automatically pull up your company, products, and services to top positions in search results, the directory of products and services, as well as within the suppliers' base on Qoovee. Positions depend on the amount of the rates for clients' inquiries/request, which you set yourself depending on the availability of the amount in your balance.



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