Wholesale oranges
Wholesale oranges
Wholesale oranges
Wholesale oranges
Wholesale oranges
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Wholesale oranges! Egypt Navel variety High quality. The best prices from a direct supplier (without intermediaries). All documents. The product is ready for shipping in any large batch today! Fresh harvest. Various calibers (48, 56, 64, 72) Large wholesale Regular deliveries. Negotiated price. Packing: check Delivery. Self-pickup Novorossiysk, Krasnodar, Moscow. Our loading. We guarantee: 1 Krasnodar, Moscow. Our loading. We guarantee: 1. Quality. Mandarins are certified and meet all the requirements of Russian legislation. Always of excellent quality. 2. Freshness. Fruits are transported and stored in modern refrigeration units that ensure the optimum temperature. 3. Convenience. All available types of delivery, payment and communication with us. A reliable partnership. 4. Benefit. Products directly from the manufacturer, no overpayments. Discounts for regular customers. Hurry up to buy ripe tangerines profitably! Call now, check the price, order, come taste and ship!
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