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Car seats, Children furniture, Children's cars, baby carriage, Mechanical Toys, Different toys Russia, Люберецкий р-н, пос. Томилино, мкр. Птицефабрика, литера ПЗЗ
Russia, Люберецкий р-н, пос. Томилино, мкр. Птицефабрика, литера ПЗЗ

The word "stork" used to be associated only with the exciting moment of the birth of a child. And now AIST is a synonym for a happy childhood in general. The work of a large and professional company is focused on this!

Millions of goods for children are sold daily in our country. It is pleasant to recognize that beautiful and high-quality products from AIST are easily recognizable in the boundless ocean of things. This is understandable. We are convinced that our children deserve the best! So, only reliable and tested products should be presented on the Russian market.

As a manufacturer and reseller, AIST takes on the difficult but important task of monitoring the products on the market for environmental friendliness, functionality, and safety. Moreover, products of all price segments pass careful control. Premium products and the most affordable models of strollers, textiles, furniture will be presented in the company's catalog only if all the necessary guarantees, certificates of quality and compliance are available.

Wholesale and retail trade in goods for children is a specific area of activity, since everything related to babies requires special responsibility and high moral principles, however pathetic it may sound. AIST was created by a group of like-minded people who are well versed in the specifics of the children's market segment, and for which the concepts of trust, responsibility, decency are significant words. We are guided by these principles in business as well.

We are interested in cooperation with large chains and boutiques, with Internet sites and small family shops. Experienced managers will select the most interesting interaction scheme, and you will understand how beneficial it is to work with partners who value your time and help build an excellent reputation. AIST faithfully fulfills its contractual obligations, offers interesting logistic solutions. Close trade and economic relations with enterprises in Poland, the Baltic states, Taiwan, China allow us to offer dealers exclusive models of strollers, car seats, toys ...

Widely represented in our assortment are high-quality Russian goods. By developing cooperation with companies in the Russian Federation and promoting their products on the market, we are solving another very urgent, global task - we are reducing the import orientation of the children's goods market and supporting high-tech domestic production. Working with the best Russian furniture factories, manufacturers of textiles and children's toys, AIST expects to increase the share of their goods in sales that are in deserved demand, including for their environmental friendliness.

Our assortment contains almost all the necessary things for a child under three years of age (and even older). Thanks to direct contracts with foreign and Russian enterprises, our business offers are very competitive, product prices suit our dealers and attract the ultimate retail buyer. It is no secret that the birth of a child is a serious burden on the family budget. AIST does everything possible so that the price is acceptable for parents with different financial capabilities. And, judging by the growing sales volume, we are coping with this task.

During its operation, AIST has created four of its own brands, which are gaining popularity from year to year. The secret to the exclusivity of products presented under the brands INDIGO , CARETTO , ALIS, Smile Line is unique characteristics and focus on the domestic market. This means that our designers took into account the peculiarities of the harsh climate with significant seasonal temperature differences, took into account the specifics of the roads. And even the fact that Russian babies are larger and stronger than their European and Asian peers was also taken into account when developing our models of strollers.

Agree, not every product is able to give a sense of security and absolute comfort. Our products have such properties, as they are designed and manufactured with real care for children.

AIST is building a civilized, socially-oriented business in which partners and specialists of the company represent a single effective community, a real team. We sincerely welcome everyone who shares our principles and invite you to join !.

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