Рекуператор Ventoxx Comfort - 51220

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The Ventoxx Comfort recuperator is completed with: Plastic shell 300 mm - 1; External metal cover - 1; Internal cover - 1; Cartridge with thermal battery and fan - 1; Filter class G3 - 1; Office Twist - 1; Mounting the outer cover; Warranty Card; Instruction Ventoxx Comfort is designed for 17 operating modes and 5 speeds that regulate the different volume of ventilated air depending on the needs of the owner. The recuperator is controlled using the Ventoxx Twist device, which can be installed in the wall in any place convenient for the client. Intuitive controls can simultaneously control the operation of several recuperators (up to four). The relay allows you to select the mode and speed of operation, which are displayed using light diodes. The Ventoxx Comfort model is used both in the construction of new residential buildings and in the reconstruction of secondary housing. This ventilation device can be used in rooms for various purposes. Like the other recuperators in our range, Ventoxx Comfort has a sleek design that blends equally well with any style of interior.
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