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BRANDS - check for defects

BRANDS - detailed quality control

🔺 Who is this service for:
・ For sellers of branded goods
・ For those who buy branded goods in China for themselves

🔺 What do you get:
・ The ability to check the next day from the moment of your application
・ Complete detailed check of the quality of the goods (color, seams, tags, inscriptions, smell, compliance with the original; build quality, operability, completeness)
・ The cost of checking, not tied to the value of the goods
・ If any deficiencies are found in the verification process, the inspector will contact you promptly in order to resolve the issue of marriage or non-compliance before sending from China
・ The ability to check in our warehouse (from 1 piece), at the warehouse of your Cargo / supplier or on the market (from 5 pieces)
・ Direct communication with the inspector
・ Support in case of dispute with the supplier
・ The ability to make an exchange or refund
・ Inspectors with extensive practice and experience
・ The possibility of trying on the product and making measurements - on request
・ Detailed photo / video report
・ Brief conclusion of the inspector on the result of the inspection

🔺 Work order:
・ Formation of TK / address of location of goods, name of goods, quantity, photos, requirements and wishes for verification /
・ TK analysis by ARESLogistics specialist
・ Payment / prepayment of remuneration for the provision of services by agreement of the parties
・ Quality control process
・ Provision of photo / video materials
・ Brief conclusion of the inspector on the result of the inspection

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