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MONEY TRANSFERS to / from China

Money transfers to / from China

・ For individuals / legal entities
・ From 15 minutes
・ No hidden fees
・ No limit on min amount
・ With a guarantee of personal data protection
・ With a favorable rate - cheaper than any money transfer system
・ With a full set of closing documents and min interest (legal entity)

🔺Who is this service for:
• for individuals and legal entities
• for small, medium, large business with China
• individuals who need to transfer money to / from China

🔺What do you get:
• promptness of the transfer - the time for transferring funds from one currency to another - from 15 minutes (depends on the type of transfer and currency pair)
• service of both personal and commercial foreign exchange transactions
• receiving the transfer rate before the transaction
• safety of payments - we carry out all operations legally, we use secure methods of money transfers
• favorable exchange rates - many times more profitable in comparison with money transfers by Western Union, Moneygram, PayPal, Union Express
• low commissions - from 0% to 1.5% when making transfers in our company (depending on the type, amount and currency of the transfer)
• specialization of directions:
・ 🇷🇺Russia⇄China🇨🇳
・ 🇧🇾Belarus⇄China🇨🇳
・ 🇺🇦Ukraine⇄China🇨🇳
・ 🇪🇺Europe⇄China🇨🇳
・ 🇺🇸USA⇄China🇨🇳
·etc. countries 🌐SNG⇄China🇨🇳
• protection of personal data - we ensure confidentiality and protection of your personal data
• constant support and prompt answers to questions
• no limits - unlimited transfers to various currency pairs, regardless of the payer (individual or legal entity)
• high security of transactions - you make a direct transfer from your personal accounts, without using third-party sites, applications and unsafe currency exchange methods
• focus on working with China - the service is focused on working with Chinese banking systems and money transfer systems (Alipay, WeChat), which allows you to quickly make consolidated payments to different providers
• work anywhere - the service can be used from any device without the need to visit banking institutions or terminals to replenish funds
• the ability to transfer funds in any available currency without the need to visit exchangers to exchange for the desired currency, without losing on the exchange rate difference
• complete anonymity of the transaction - we ensure the confidentiality of our clients' transactions and do not require specifying the purpose and purpose of payments

🔺Procedure of work:
• processing your application: the amount and procedure for transfer, calculation of the amount for transfer
• making a transfer from / to China on the agreed terms

🔺 Cost: depends on the type, amount and currency of the transfer

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