POLYETHYLENE PIPES (PE-100 6-8-10 bar)
POLYETHYLENE PIPES (PE-100 6-8-10 bar)
POLYETHYLENE PIPES (PE-100 6-8-10 bar)
POLYETHYLENE PIPES (PE-100 6-8-10 bar)
Product description
M We produce PE (HDPE) pipes with a diameter of 20 mm to 800 mm and a pressure class of 6.3 bar to 16 bar. Several advantages of HDPE pipes are listed below: • PE pipes have a high level of elasticity, which ensures ease of installation. • Underground processes do not affect them, pipes do not break. • Possess high impact resistance and high resistance to cracking. • Low roughness of the inner surface of HDPE pipes provide important advantages when choosing a diameter during design. • Thanks to its properties, there is no waste left during installation. • Ability to work without any problems for 50 years, subject to the rated working pressure. • Resistant to UV rays. • Possesses resistance to harmful substances in the soil that cause erosion. For this reason, no additional protection is needed. • Possesses resistance to chemicals. • Polyethylene pipes do not affect the smell and taste of water, for this reason they are safe for health. • Penetration of insects and plant roots inside the polyethylene pipes is impossible. • The pipes are designed for cold water
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