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Launch your own B2B marketplace

  • Connect sellers and buyers
  • Conduct online exhibitions
  • Earn from deals, ads and other services
What you get
  • Ready-made trading platform (B2B marketplace) with many functions functions. Пример:
  • The platform will be on your brand (whitelabel) and on your domain
  • Integration with the Qoovee trading platform. Orders, products and suppliers from Qoovee can automatically appear on your platform
  • Marketing support and proven promotion system (Qoovee experience)
What you can
  • Launch a trading platform under your own brand for your B2B market
  • Conduct local or international online exhibitions
  • Become a national trading platform that connects the country's business and helps to export / import
  • Provide secure transactions, safe deals to buyers and suppliers and provide logistics services using the ready-made infrastructure of Qoovee
  • Become a partner of your goverment to promote export/import
  • Become an industry trading platform, such as a medical products marketplace or an electronics trading platform, etc.
  • And much more
How can you make money
  • On deals. You can receive commissions from deals that take place on the platform
  • On advertising. Your platform already has a built-in advertising system for users, where they pay for the result
  • On financial services. You can embed financial services from various banks and financial institutions and / or connect financial solutions from Qoovee
  • On logistics. A unique system of the Qoovee logistics service is being prepared, on which you can also earn
  • On tariffs. You can sell service packages, hold online exhibitions and sell participation tariffs.
  • And much more

Choose a suitable tariff

Services Startup Business Corporation
Platform - Whitelabel icons icons icons
Android/iOS mobile App icons icons icons
Number of industries to 3 to 5 to 10
Number of countries (integration with Qoovee) icons to 3 to 5
Inquirires, products/services and suppliers from Qoovee icons icons icons
Promotion on Qoovee icons icons icons
Promotion instructions icons icons icons
Royalty (% of income) 15% 10% 7%
Price: 9 990$ 24 990$ 49 990$
Steps to get started
Step 1
Fill the form
Step 2
Get a consultation
Step 3
Conclude a contract and transfer payment
Step 4
Start your business
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