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BAFF.01 Penetrating waterproofing

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Waterproofing is intended:
1. To increase the indicators of water resistance, frost resistance, concrete strength on old and newly built concrete and reinforced concrete structures. It is applied on a concrete surface.
2. Protects the concrete structure from the effects of wastewater and groundwater, sea water, oil products, aggressive environments: acids, alkalis, etc.
3. Increases the corrosion resistance of concrete, prevents corrosion of steel reinforcement.
4. The penetration depth of functional additives in 60 days ≈ 0.5 m. (The speed of movement within the body of the model concrete composition is 2 ∙ 10-6 m / s at a depth of 0.1 m), therefore, partial destruction of the concrete body, with the condition that its integrity will not be able to violate the waterproofing of the concrete structure.

Operating principle:

The composition "BAFF.01" is applied to the internal or external surfaces of the concrete structure, regardless of the side of the influence of liquid media on the concrete object. After applying the composition, water-soluble functional additives in the form of a solution penetrate into the pores deep into wet concrete, interact with calcium and aluminum oxides, forming insoluble needle crystalline hydrates that fill capillaries, microcracks and concrete pores, which prevent water from entering the concrete body.

The concrete structure becomes waterproof, the ability of water molecules to pass through the formed barriers from insoluble complex needle crystals leaves such a property as vapor permeability behind concrete.

The rate of formation of insoluble crystalline hydrates filling the pores of the concrete body depends on factors such as moisture, porosity, and temperature of the concrete. After the concrete body has dried, unreacted water-soluble functional additives crystallize and remain in the pores of the concrete.

In cases of localization of a new source of liquid pressure, water-soluble additives are able to re-enter the saturated saline solution and form needle-like insoluble crystalline structures, imparting a property to concrete such as self-healing

Mixture preparation:
1. The dry mixture of the composition "BAFF 01" is mixed with water in a ratio of 3/1 to obtain a creamy consistency. The survivability of the composition is 20-30 minutes.
2. Apply by brush or trowel to a damp concrete surface.
3. On horizontal surfaces in one layer, on vertical surfaces it is necessary to apply 2 layers., With an interval of 2 hours.
4. The consumption of the composition "BAFF 01" 0.8-1.3 kg / m2.
4. Use in 30 minutes, stirring regularly without adding water.

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