BAFF.02 gel
BAFF.02 gel
BAFF.02 gel
BAFF.02 gel
BAFF.02 gel
Product description
The additive is intended: 1. To ensure the waterproofing of concrete and reinforced concrete structures. 2.Increases water resistance, frost resistance, concrete strength. 3. Protects the concrete structure from the effects of wastewater and groundwater, sea water, oil products, aggressive environments: acids, alkalis, etc. 4. Increases the corrosion resistance of concrete, prevents corrosion of steel reinforcement. Technical characteristics of "_BAFF 02 Gel": 1. Increasing the water resistance of concrete by at least 3 steps according to GOST 12730.5-84: - for concrete grade B20, increased water resistance from W2 to W8, - for concrete grade B30, increased water resistance from W6 to W14, 2.When increasing the BAFF 02 additive content to 2% of the cement mass in concrete B30, the water resistance index is greater than W14. 3. Increase in frost resistance to 300 cycles in accordance with GOST 26633. 4. The increase in compressive strength according to GOST 10180-90 - not less than 2.5% for concrete B30 - not less than 25% for concrete B20. The mechanism of action of functional chemical additives "BAFF 02": When BAFF 02 and BAFF 02 Gel additives are added to concrete, the chemical salts of the complex salts that make up the additive react with the calcium, aluminum and iron ions present in the concrete (concrete product) to form supersaturated solutions of insoluble complexes. In the process of concrete curing, insoluble complexes in the form of needle-shaped crystals crystallize from supersaturated solutions in the form of pores in the concrete body. Strength indicators of concrete increase. During the operation of concrete, needle crystals prevent the diffusion of water droplets through pores and microcracks (up to 0.4 mm) inside the concrete body, thereby improving the concrete's waterproof and frost resistance characteristics. Needle-shaped crystals allow excess moisture to freely exit the concrete body in the form of water molecules (the vapor permeability of concrete is preserved).
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